Monday, April 26, 2010

Spanish Fir & Korean Fir

Here are two trees worth hunting the nurseries for. The Spanish Fir, Abies Pinsapo, and Korean Fir, Abies Koreana, are two of the most beautiful and unique conifers in the world. Most nurseries have either never heard of them or if they have they rarely carry them. I just found two the other day after several years of searching and coming up with nothing. The needles of Spanish Fir are a textile marvel. If one runs ones hand across the foliage it has an almost hard, bristly cacti feel. The early pollen cones of spring are a smart cherry red, and the following seed cones grow up to 9inches. They are easy to grow from seed and are relatively pest free. Apparently they adapt well when grown in a pot. Note: Rock phosphate for food in young specimens.

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