Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter silhouettes

Last night here on Vancouver island we received 3 inches of fresh powdery snow, with a low of -7c. It is currently -3c, and the forecast is calling for a low of -7c, with a windchill factor of -11c, warming up to +3c by Sunday. All of my Trident maples, Hornbeams, and Acers are tucked away in the cold shelter until it warms up. My conifers, all collected native specimens, are happy as can be on their benches. And I have to say, in regards to Bonsai, few things make me happier than the sight of old pines, stout firs and contorted hemlocks dusted with cold white snow. You can almost sense their delight in the fact that they can truly "hibernate" and build up energy for the coming spring/summer season. They also just seem so perfectly resigned to they way they have to live in the icy winter months. There is almost a mood of content around them.

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